Who we are ...

Our Mission

As a T-shirt brand company is to reach across the world and nationally to promote and provide our customers, retail, and businesses, (such as healthcare professionals, health institutions, awareness organizations, gyms, athletic leagues and teams, restaurants, nail salons, spas, greek life organizations such as sororities and fraternities) as well as people from all walks of life with fashionable, comfortable well fitted good quality T-shirts through direct sales.


Our Vision

As a T-shirt brand company is to also spread God’s love, his word, his goodness, positivity, laughter, and beauty because there’s a great need for this in the world we live in today!!!  It’s also our vision to add a touch of compassion, more joy, happiness, awareness, hope, encouragement, spirituality, enlightenment and color with a touch of sparkle and God’s light.  

Another major component and part  of our vision in who we are is to be socially conscious through awareness and inclusivity of all people no matter what weight, race, age, creed, religion or sex an individual may be!! We are looking to help make the world a better place for everyone through providing pretty & positively designed T-shirts and apparel for everyone and to be a beacon of light and a blessing to all of our customers!